EURGBP · Trading Plan

18.03.2017 EURGBP

looks like a huge range around the NL, caught in ZL100 and broke UPTL. looks like it will continue to drop further, if it slows down around 120MA or in general around the blue box with a LOT of support, buy, hedge and hold up to the Lime NL. Advertisements

AUDUSD · Trading Plan

18.3.2017 AUDUSD

looks like a massive Wave1 & Correction on Daily, if it breaks Red line massive upside? Big Resistance on H4 (?) though. so longterm waiting for the breakout Shortterm: scalp small PBs. on H1-: drunkwalk, on M15 caught by green and white. threedrive already hit, look for FB for entry w target AT LEAST till… Continue reading 18.3.2017 AUDUSD

EURUSD · Trading Plan

18.3.2017 EURUSD

Bigger picture trend is down, looking for at least a retest of the yellow lines. lot of resistances overhead. red box as an indication of the weakness. Still hasnt broken the H4 Uptrendline tho. Scalp away on weaknesses, until TL is broken, then hold position at least till yellow. hold a position on possible continuation of the… Continue reading 18.3.2017 EURUSD


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